Psicosis is a 2D psychological horror game.

In Psicosis you'll accompany William to live between hallucination and reality, experiencing moments of confusion and psychological pressure with high levels of suspense.

In Psicosis you will find diverse scenarios, in which you will have to solve puzzles to advance in the story.


-Game mechanics:

*Lateral scrolling from right to left.
*Use and management of your inventory.
*Dialogue and decision making.


Why should you play Psicosis?

In Psicosis, you will find varied scenarios, high quality animations, charismatic characters and an evocative sound, which will always keep you connected with the plot but without leaving aside the dark and gloomy.

The aesthetic section of the game combines a pixel art style with realistic lights and shadows that give a unique and characteristic touch to the game, suitable for pixel art lovers.

The game has a deep story, full of an oppressive and dark atmosphere, in which moments of tension and suspense are noticeable.

Psicosis is very delicate with its terror, it is balanced for extreme horror lovers and people who are not very familiar with horror games.

Enter the dark story of William Osller, get to know his cerebral cosmos and his galaxy full of twisted things...